Call for Proposals

We are seeking contributions to a volume of primary source materials with an emphasis on those produced by women, queer, non-binary, two-spirit, and/or transgender persons that offer perspectives on gender […]

Volumes under Contract

Throughout 2021 eleven qualified scholars were recruited as co-editors, for the five volumes in the series. Additionally, 26 scholars were sought out as editorial advisory editors who offer guidance and […]


In September 2021, Donald Opitz gave a brown-bag presentation of the ongoing project to the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Program in History of Science, Medicine, and Technology.


In July 2021, co- general editors Donald Opitz and Banu Subramaniam gave a scholarly presentation of the ongoing project in the virtual biennial meeting to the International Society for the […]


In May of 2021, Donald Opitz gave a workshop of the ongoing project at the Consortium for History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.

Project Begins

In summer of 2020, Routledge invited project director, Dr. Donald Opitz, and co-general editor, Banu Subramaniam to edit the series. Beginning as a series devoted to spotlighting women in science […]